Enhancing team effectiveness by focussing on how teams come together & define the journey ahead.

Effective teams constitute a competitive advantage for any business or organisation. However, building effective teams is not an easy feat.

What is it?

TeamKit provides a practical solution for teams everywhere to work towards improving team culture and experience. It is a self-facilitated team formation process, which encourages teams to use the right tools, or methods, during team formation. TeamKit enhances effectiveness by focussing on “how“ teams come together and define their journey ahead. Importantly, TeamKit does not require any prior knowledge in team formation.

TeamKit can be downloaded for free and is available in English 🇬🇧 or German 🇩🇪

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How does it work?

TeamKit consists of a set of 17 downloadable cards. Each card is categorised as either an action, a ritual or a tool. The front of the card defines “how“ and “why“ each card is used. This gives the teams the necessary context to answer the “why“. The back of the card consists of a short, simple manual that ensures the team uses the card correctly. In addition to the set of cards, the kit includes a checklist. The checklist is something the team should discuss together and agree upon prior to starting any work on the project. It covers additional friction points when it comes to the team’s actual work.

Action cards

Actions are one-time team activities, which help to build trust, give purpose and assist the team to have a more streamlined formation process.

Ritual cards

Rituals are reoccurring events, which help the team to stay effective and work well together. The team should plan rituals in its daily, weekly and monthly routines.

Tool cards

Tools help teams to work more effectively. They include different methods, tips and processes, which teams incorporate into their daily “doings”.

To save you time, we have designed TeamKit so that it can be put together in the shortest possible time. Download the TeamKit PDF and print it out. Then you can fold the cards in half, and the TeamKit is ready for use.

Why should you use TeamKit?

TeamKit provides a practical solution for teams everywhere to work towards improving team culture and experience. Compared to other existing solutions, TeamKit is designed specifically for users with no team formation background or team facilitation skills. Being self-facilitated means that users obtain hands-on experience with regards to team formation. This is important since it ensures future teams form quickly, painlessly and without additional cost to the company. Moreover, TeamKit can help them to improve their way of working, defining values and to form stronger connections.

About the Author

Niklaus Gerber is leading the Digital Product Development departement at Neue Zürcher Zeitung with over 10 years of experience in service and digital design. Niklaus is currently studying at Hyper Island. His hands-on experience working in various cross-functional and virtual teams sparked the idea of building TeamKit.

Additional information

TeamKit is inspired by Team Canvas, the Hyper Island Toolbox, the Fun Retrospectives and the Project of How. TeamKit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). To view a copy of this license, visit: creativecommons.org. If you have questions concerning TeamKit, please send an email to . Make sure you read the Privacy Policy.